Ludum Dare » Die Die Die

As an intelligent person in ancient Egypt, you are tasked with distributing labor and effort for ten years. During these years you should keep the population growing, construct a pyramid for the reigning pharaoh and keep him happy at the same time.

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Mouse or touch.


The section to the left is organized into twelve rows (representing the twelve months) and four columns (representing work areas). Allocate or de-allocate dice by clicking/tapping on a desired square.

The first column represents construction of the pyramid. The result of the dice placed in this column will be accumulated as building progress.

The second column represents farming. Dice placed in the first four rows (the inundation season) will give bonuses to this column for the remainder of the year. Dice placed in the middle four rows (the growth season) will improve growth and result in extra dice for the following years. Dice placed in the last four rows will result in bonuses in random squares of the remainder of the year.

The third column represents detailing and embellishment of the pyramid. The total detailing can never be higher than the construction progress. If the detailing falls to far behind the pharaoh will be displeased. On the other hand, if the detailing keeps up well with the construction the pharaoh will be pleased.

The fourth column represent bureaucracy and can result in various positive or negative effects depending on the die rolls and bonuses.

Once all dice have been placed the Roll button may be clicked to roll the dice. Once rolled the results will be resolved a month at a time, and afterwards one row or choice may be re-rolled. If re-rolled, the row in question and those afterwards will be reevaluated and may result in a cascade of different outcomes.




This one was a mix of success and failure. I don't quite feel like I ended up with a proper game, but there is far more potential than my previous attempt. And, in fact this was made in about ~17 hours rather than the full 48.

I think going for a HTML5/JS game is a lot better than most other things. Personally, I prefer not to download anything and have to deal with that. Being able to play directly in the browser is awesome.

I am also very happy about the dice rolling animation that I cobbled together.