Caeros is a game that mixes strategy and resource-management. In SPAAAACE!

Exploit an asteroid field while being attacked by pirates!

While the original idea for this game, and much of the game design, was established several years ago it is only recently that more serious progress has been made towards actually creating the full game.


In Caeros you will be in charge of building mining rigs, quarters, labs, defences and all kinds of other things in and on asteroids. You will also manage the resources that these consume and produce.

Initially you will only control a single asteroid but will have to expand to more if you wish to survive. The threat? Filthy pirates!

The intention is for the enemy fleet to be more than just a series of random attacks or waves, and instead be controlled by a varied AI that will attempt to find weaknesses and exploit them.

The gameplay is inspired by a rare genre that I call network defence games, such as Creeper World by Knuckle Cracker as well as some older flash games. However none of these games that I know of have a fleshed out resource management system, nor any intelligent opposition.

Current Status

Caeros currently is in what I would call pre-alpha, with only some user interaction but a lot of backend systems starting to function.