Exploding Coffee

I once had a (short lived) blog that I called Exploding Coffee (inspired by a Terry Pratchett character) where I put up some random small programming projects and experiments. The oldest entries below are some selected ones from that blog. And now there's some new ones as well.


Student Study Statistics

Some neat graphing of the usage of one of the websites of the Engineering Physics Student Department at Chalmers University of Technology. (Wow, that's an unruly sentence.)

Auto Block List

A quick look at the server's block list.

Cygni Poker

The company Cygni recently held a Texas Hold'em tournament at Chalmers. And in true engineer spirit this was not played by the people who entered, but rather by bots created by the same.

Game of Life

Conway’s Game of Life is somewhat of a rite of passage for programmers. And having just started my experiments with WebGL I of course had to make a GPU-accelerated version.

Parametric Blob

Parametric surfaces are neat things. In mathematics they allow you to make calculations on arbitrary surfaces which is useful, but maybe not always interesting. But combine them with some 3D graphics and they allow you to render arbitrary objects procedurally, complete with normals for lighting them.

Kohonen Network

Kohonen networks, or self-organizing maps (SOM), are a particular type of artificial neural networks that are trained using unsupervised learning. Depending on the input and network configuration, they can be very useful in classifying and visualizing high-dimensional data.